Diwali Ank Prakashan

The Diwali Ank of Vimarsh was published at the hands of celebrated author Shri Da. Ma. Mirasdar

here are some photographs of the event :


Diwali Ank :Dombivlikar

Rajkarnapalikadche Chehre

My Article about Gopinath Munde in Dombivlikar Diwali Ank

Editor : Ravindra Chavan(MLA)
Guest Editor : Sudhir Gadgil


The Article :                 

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To know more about this Diwali Ank visit – http://www.dombivlikarmagazine.com/diwali.php?p=Diwali

Vimarsh Diwali Ank

Vimarsh Diwali Ank :

Guest Editor – Bhagwan Datar




Special Interview :

Rekha Kamat (popularly known as Maai Ajji from famous Marathi Serial “Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta”)

Another Special Article about  Sardar Patel and Kashmir (A chapter from upcoming book Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , Rohan Prakashan )

Rekha Kamat –  in A still from Lakhachi Goshta



as Maai Ajji in “Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta

New Books and Diwali Ank


Two new books , one about Sardar Patel(Rohan Prakashan,Pune) and another one about RTI(The Mighty Fall,Menaka Prakashan, Pune) will soon be published.

Do come here again for more information about the same.

Also will post my articles featured in the Vimarsh Diwali Ank  and Krushival Diwali Ank soon..